Rosendale Voted Against Funding Butte Veterans Home

Helena – Last week, Sen. Jon Tester introduced legislation that would reform the VA’s veterans home priority list to make sure the Butte veterans' home doesn’t keep getting leap-frogged by other projects in states with higher populations.
The legislation was lauded by veterans in the Butte community who called the decision good news. "It’s no surprise it's Tester the one leading the way; he's a wonderful veterans’ advocate," said Mike Lawson, commander of the Southwest Montana United Veterans Council.
The Missoulian also said the legislation was “good news” for Montana veterans. “This is important because currently, the VA prioritizes new homes based on sheer numbers of veterans, with less consideration given to the proximity of other facilities.”
Even the Great Falls Tribune has said that “having a veterans' home in that neck of the woods seems only fair to veterans, family members and friends.”
But unfortunately, not everyone is such an advocate for veterans, or for the home in Butte, which has been in the works for about seven years.
Matt Rosendale, while in the state legislature, voted against a bipartisan funding plan to cover a federal match for a veterans’ home in Butte.
“While Jon Tester continues to advocate for Montana’s veterans, Matt Rosendale has unfortunately failed to have their backs,” said Chris Meagher, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party.



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