Rosendale has actively worked against Montana consumer protection

HELENA – While Jesse Laslovich has spent the last seven years getting more than $100 million back into the pockets of Montana families, his Republican opponent Matt Rosendale has actively worked against efforts to protect Montana consumers.

 As the Billings Gazette noted in its endorsement of Jesse Laslovich, Matt Rosendale voted against a bi-partisan measure in the legislature to create a restitution fund for victims of fraud. The bipartisan measure has successfully helped Montanans who were defrauded from their hard-earned savings get back on their feet.

 Jesse Laslovich has been the chief legal counsel for the State Auditor’s office for the last seven years and has returned $100 million to victims of fraud and has collected up to $6 million annually in unpaid insurance claims for Montana patients.

 No wonder the Billings Gazette said:

“Jesse Laslovich is better qualified for the job of Montana State Auditor than anyone we can remember ever running for this statewide business and consumer protection job.” 

“From his legislative experience to his work in the State Auditor’s office, Jesse Laslovich has always been willing to work across party lines to do the right thing for all Montanans,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Matt Rosendale does not exhibit the leadership skills necessary to be the State Auditor.”


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