Rosendale Continues to Refuse to Support Bipartisan Health Care Reform

Helena – Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale is playing political games with Montanans’ health care by refusing to support a bipartisan health care plan that would bring stability to health care markets.
On Talk Back KGVO Friday, Rosendale was asked if he supported the bipartisan Murray-Alexander bill, which was introduced in light of several failed health care bills introduced this year. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said the bipartisan Alexander-Murray health care bill would reduce the deficit by nearly $4 billion. It would also help stabilize insurance markets and maintain coverage levels, while funding Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) payments.
Instead, Rosendale, a wealthy real estate developer from Maryland, pivoted to focus on a straight repeal plan – which he has previously advocated for.
The repeal only plan that Rosendale advocated for would have jacked up costs for Montanans, kicked 32 million Americans off health care, and eliminated Medicaid expansion, which has allowed nearly 80,000 Montanans to receive health care.
“Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale continues to do nothing in support of bringing health care costs down,” said Chris Meagher, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. “Instead, he has rubber stamped higher costs for Montanans, and continues to refuse to support bipartisan legislation that would bring stability to the health care market. Rosendale has failed Montanans when he should be fighting for him.”


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