Rosendale Calls for Health Care Reform, Offers No Actual Reforms

Helena – Last week Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale announced proposed 2018 health insurance rate changes.
Along with the rate changes, Rosendale said he is continuing to push for reforms at both the state and federal level to lower the cost of health care and health insurance.
But how? Aside from bashing the current health care system, Rosendale hasn’t come out with any type of reform at the federal level. That’s unless you count his support for effectively ending Medicaid expansion, which provides insurance for tens of thousands of Montanans, and cutting essential health benefits, which would threaten coverage for cancer screenings, prescription drugs, and pregnancies. He’s made that part clear.
The Senate has had a health care bill for several weeks now, and Insurance Commissioner Rosendale hasn’t said a peep about it.
Rosendale is reportedly "95 percent there" in announcing a bid for U.S. Senate, so simply ignoring the complexities of health care is not an option.
So where is Rosendale? And what, exactly, is he pushing for?


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