Rosendale and Fox are Silent as Montanans’ Privacy is Stripped Away

HELENA -- A dangerous bill – which rolls back internet privacy protections on personal customer data, allowing Internet providers to sell user information for a profit – has been signed into law after being passed in the U.S. House and Senate.
Last week, a group of senators, including Jon Tester, sent Trump a letter asking him to veto this bill, arguing the legislation will “seriously undermine the privacy protections” of people who use the Internet. Today, Tester spoke on the Senate floor about the bill's dangerous impact on Montanans’ privacy.

But even as Republicans in the Montana State Legislature fight back against the law by introducing an amendment, two people eyeing Tester’s seat – Matt Rosendale and Tim Fox – have stayed silent as their party attempts to put Montanans’ privacy up for sale.  The silence from Fox, as Attorney General overseeing the Office of Consumer Protection, in particular is deafening. 

“While Washington politicians show a blatant disregard for consumer privacy protections in favor of a select few big corporations, Matt Rosendale and Tim Fox have stayed silent,” said Chris Meagher, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. “They've shown they have no issue being mentioned as potential candidates for Senate, but when it comes to this dangerous bill endangering Montanans' privacy, they haven’t said a word.” 


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