Republicans kill job opportunities in Montana

HELENA -- Montanans across the state should be outraged today by their Republican legislators who killed an infrastructure jobs bill -- again.

Republican legislators were presented with multiple bills this session (House Bill 14, House Bill 645, and  Senate Bill 367, to name a few) which would have created thousands of good-paying jobs while improving our schools, taking care of our veterans, cleaning up our water and sewer systems and more.

With all Democrats voting in favor, SB 367 failed by three votes on the last day of the session, 64-34, with two Republican representatives -- Daniel Zolnikov and Dale Mortensen of Billings -- absent.

“The Republican legislators who continued to vote against job-creating bills this session should not be allowed to keep their jobs in the next election,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Since Republicans won’t help move Montana communities forward by investing in much-needed infrastructure, it’s time we elect legislators who will.”

Since Day One of the 2017 session, Governor Bullock has been asking Legislators to bring a jobs bill that will invest in improvements across the state to his desk. House and Senate Democrats have been with him every step of the way.

But just like they did in 2015, Republican legislators in the House, under the leadership of House Speaker Austin Knudsen, chose partisan politics over the people of Montana.

Republican House members who voted against the last jobs vote (SB 367):

Nancy Ballance, Hamilton
Dan Bartel, Lewistown
Becky Beard, Elliston
Seth Berglee, Joliet -- Whip
Randy Brodehl, Kalispell
Bob Brown, Thompson Falls
Tom Burnett, Bozeman
Ron Ehli, Hamilton -- Majority leader
Kelly Flynn, Townsend
Wylie Galt, Martinsdale
Carl Glimm, Kila
Edward Greef, Florence
Steve Gunderson, Libby
Adam Hertz, Missoula
Greg Hertz, Polson -- Speaker Pro Tempore
Donald Jones, Billings
Austin Knudsen, Culbertson -- Speaker of the House
Casey Knudsen, Malta
Dennis Lenz, Billings
Theresa Manzella, Hamilton -- Whip
Mark Noland, Bigfork
James O’Hara, Fort Benton
Alan Redfield, Livingston
Matt Regier, Kalispell
Vince Ricci, Laurel
Adam Rosendale, Billings
Lola Sheldon-Galloway, Great Falls
Derek Skees, Kalispell
Scott Staffanson, Sidney
Jeremy Trebas, Great Falls
Brad Tschida, Missoula -- Whip
Kirk Wagoner, Montana City
Peggy Webb, Billings
Kerry White, Bozeman
Absent: Daniel Zolnikov and Dale Mortensen, Billings

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