Republicans called out for budget cuts hurting Montana kids

With news the Montana GOP intends to cut $37 million from the Department of Public Health and Human Services that will ultimately result in $93 million in cuts due to federal matching grants, the Missoulian underscored the impact these cuts will have on children in an editorial on Wednesday.

Missoulian editorial: Don’t cut funding for CFS called out Republicans for the reckless implications these cuts will have on children in Montana who are the victims of neglect and abuse and the folks who are charged with protecting them.

“The people charged with acting on the public’s behalf to make these difficult decisions ought to be given every tool available to do their jobs well. Children’s lives literally hang in the balance … Given the nature of its work, DPHHS may be the absolute worst place to make budget cuts. “

The editorial couldn't be more spot on, because we know:

"Republicans say they want to protect Montana's families and children, but their reckless budget proposal will do the exact opposite," said Kristen Cates, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. "We cannot have a prosperous economy in the future if we're not considering right now the safety and well-being of Montana's children."


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