Republican Legislators Continue to Play Dangerous Politics With Infrastructure Jobs

Republicans actually try to use women’s healthcare and public school funding as bargaining chips

HELENA -- Montanans across the state should be outraged today by their Republican legislators who are trying to get out of doing their job of creating jobs by negotiating away women’s health care and our public schools in order to get a jobs bill passed.

Republican legislators have voted down several jobs bills this session and today they tried to use a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions as a last-minute bargaining chip with Governor Steve Bullock.

But Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen said in the tense meeting that it wasn’t enough. He asked for the governor to not veto one of the bills to limit or outlaw abortion that have passed both the House and Senate. He also said he wanted the governor to allow to pass a charter school bill that, though it’s carried by a Democrat, is unpopular within the party and a third option was a bill exempting wells on family-transferred land from regulation.

“Montanans should be appalled by Republican House Speaker Austin Knudsen’s negotiating tactics,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Republicans are acting recklessly by trying to use women and our public schools as bargaining chips in exchange for putting Montanans to work.”

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