Reckless Republicans Prove They are the Party of Voter Suppression

GOP Kills Bipartisan Bill Aimed to Expand Voter Turnout and Save Counties Thousands of Dollars

HELENA -- Republican Legislators just recklessly killed a bipartisan bill that would save counties money and help increase voter turnout for the upcoming special election. After county commissioners from across the state traveled hours to support the bill, and were silenced, SB 305 was irresponsibly killed in House Judiciary Committee.

"Republicans killing a bipartisan bill aimed to save counties money and expand Montanan's access to the ballot box is voter suppression at its worst," said Nancy Keenan, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. "After silencing Montanans who traveled hours to support the bill, these reckless Republicans have done a great disservice to our state and our democracy."

As Montana's special Congressional election approaches in May, SB 305 was a win-win, bipartisan solution to increase voter turnout by mail-in ballots and save county election officials more than half a million dollars
Rep. Jeff Essmann, who is the Republican party's state chairman, made embarrassing national headlines when he urged SB 305 be killed so that he could suppress votes in the upcoming special Congressional election.
House Republicans doubled down on their attack of Democracy when they denied Montanans the opportunity to voice their support in a contentious House Judiciary hearing last week, where GOP leadership limited testimony to 20 minutes. 

Here are the names of the reckless Republicans who killed SB 305 today:
  • Alan Doane  (R) HD 36 
  • Seth Berglee  (R) HD 58 
  • Bob Brown  (R) HD 13 
  • Bill Harris  (R) HD 37 
  • Casey Knudsen  (R) HD 33 
  • Theresa Manzella  (R) HD 85
  • Dale Mortensen  (R) HD 44 
  • Matt Regier  (R) HD 4 
  • Lola Sheldon-Galloway  (R) HD 22 
  • Barry Usher  (R) HD 40 
  • Kirk Wagoner  (R) HD 75 

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