Questions Tim Fox needs to answer after trip to Washington


 HELENA – Today, the Associated Press reported that Attorney General Tim Fox was being recruited by the DC Republican establishment as their backup choice to run for Senate in 2018.

The article contains a few eyebrow-raising facts, including that Fox met with embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions, President Trump, and others. This trip and these meetings raise a number of questions that Montanans deserve answers to:

  • Was the trip paid for using Montana taxpayer funds?
  • Did he meet with Mitch McConnell, or other establishment Republicans like the National Republican Senatorial Committee?
  • Does Montana’s chief lawyer think it’s acceptable for Attorney General Sessions to lie under oath to Congress and the American people about his secret meetings with the Russians?
  • Did Fox express any concern to President Trump about how his replacement health care plan would make Montanans and seniors pay more money for less care and reduce the number of insured Americans while lowering taxes for the rich?

“Instead of doing his job in Montana, Attorney General Fox admits he has been busy being courted by establishment Republicans in DC,” said Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Nancy Keenan. “Montanans need to know what Fox did on his trip to DC, who he met with and why, and whether these meetings took place at the taxpayer’s expense.”




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