Questions Loom About Gianforte's Facebook Scandal

New Jersey multimillionaire was caught lying about conversations with Facebook and their decision to open a data center in Montana.

While Facebook says they never spoke with Greg Gianforte about Montana's business equipment tax or opening a data center in Montana, Gianforte stood by his comments saying he spoke with a Facebook executive last year.

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Not only did Facebook confirm that Greg Gianforte never spoke with their executives, but they also confirmed the "executive" that Gianforte claims to have talked to was in-fact a "low level employee" that left Facebook "about a year ago."

Facebook also confirmed that the business equipment tax was not the reason the company did not locate the center in Montana. 

If Gianforte is being truthful, he should be able to tell Montanans:
  • Who was the Facebook executive Gianforte spoke with?
  • When exactly did this conversation happen last year?
  • What did this Facebook executive tell Gianforte about the Business Equipment Tax?
"Greg Gianforte already has a reputation misleading Montanans about the facts, and simply saying he talked with Facebook is not enough," said Jason Pitt, a spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. "Montanans expect those running for office to be honest, Gianforte needs to come clean and answer these questions about his interactions with Facebook."

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