POP QUIZ – Who Here is a Senate Candidate?

Here are three photos taken at the Lewistown Chokecherry Festival last weekend.

Two of the guys are candidates for U.S. Senate posing with voters. The other? He says he is not a candidate. But can you tell the difference? No.

That’s because sitting Judge Russell Fagg (the guy on the far right) is deceiving Montana taxpayers and voters by operating a shadow campaign for Senate.

He's doing everything a candidate for office is doing, including fundraising, traveling to Washington, and posing for photos with voters. To quote MTN News: Fagg “looks and sounds like a candidate.”

So why the shadow campaign? Because, in Fagg's own words, he “cannot ethically campaign for the seat while serving as a judge. According to Fagg, he would need to resign from the bench in order to campaign ethically.”


Instead, Fagg is deceiving Montana voters and taxpayers, and he should come clean on his shady behavior.

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