PART 3: Year in Review for Greg Gianforte: Four Reasons He Doesn't Represent Montana's Values

Gianforte, the Dark Money King

Gianforte Fought to Keep Dark Money in Montana's Elections

Gianforte Has Aligned Himself With Dark Money Group: Americans For Prosperity


As we approach the end of the year and many begin to look forward to what 2016 may hold, New Jersey billionaire Greg Gianforte is probably just glad the year is over.

In just the last 12 months, Gianforte has said and done a lot to lead us to question his motives behind his run for Governor. One revelation this year was that Gianforte actually fought against more disclosure, and greater transparency in our elections.

Gianforte funded several dark money groups in Montana that opposed the bipartisan DISCLOSE Act that shed light on dark money in Montana.

List of the dark money groups that billionaire Greg Gianforte has funded:

  • Montana Family Foundation- $518,357
  • Montana Policy Institute - $26,000
  • Americans for Prosperity - $1,000


Even the dark money group, the Montana Growth Network can be tied back to donations from Gianforte, who donated hundreds of dollars to one of its leaders, State Senator Ed Walker.

After Gianforte donated heavily to Americans For Prosperity, they invited him to speak at The University of Montana - Bozeman Campus. In response, the Montana Democrats created a helpful list of things Gianforte and his outsider friends should know about Montana.

Gianforte solidified his role as a dark money king a few months later by attending a Conference in Las Vegas for the dark money group, the Republican Governor's Association. It was here we learned Gianforte is an Executive Roundtable Member for the dark money group.

Montanans expect honesty from their elected officials. That means that we should know who is financing our candidates so we know to whom they’re beholden. But Greg Gianforte doesn’t believe we have a right to know.

As December continues, each Thursday, Montana Democrats will highlight other ways Greg Gianforte has introduced himself this year as someone that does not represent Montana's values.

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