Once Again, Republican Legislators Put Themselves Before Montanan

Republican Majority Secretly Funnels Taxpayer Dollars to Cover Republican Legislators Legal Fees

HELENA -- As Republican Legislators make massive cuts to vital state programs and services that many Montanans rely on, they were just caught secretly funneling $100,000 of Montana taxpayers’ money to defend one of their own legislators involved in a lawsuit.

The Associated Press is reporting a legislative committee wants to allocate $100,000 to cover legal fees for Republican Sen. Jennifer Fielder of Thompson Falls. Fielder is being sued by the Campaign for Accountability over her unwillingness to release public documents, including emails pertaining to her official duties, more than a year ago.

“Republican legislators show their true colors when they put themselves ahead of the needs of hardworking Montanans,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Republicans are cutting funding that supports children to seniors. Now they want Montanans to pay for Senator Fielder’s legal defense fund for her blatant unwillingness to follow public record laws? Not a chance Montanans will foot this bill.”

As Republican legislators use tax payer dollars to cover Sen. Fielder's legal fees, here is a list of things they already decided should not be funded:


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