Once Again Raising Ethical Concerns, Judge Fagg Heads to DC

Helena – Last week, Roll Call reported that Russell Fagg is “scheduled to make the rounds in D.C. this week” to talk to people about running for Senate in Montana.
But wait, doesn’t he still have a job to do as a sitting judge here in Montana?
That’s right, a sitting judge, who assured us he read the law “very carefully” to make sure that everything his “exploratory committee” for Senate was doing was legal, just so happened to be in DC last week.
Should a sitting judge really be traveling to Washington to meet with consultants and party bosses to talk about running for office? Who exactly did he meet with? What did they talk about? Who paid for the trip? And is this “exploratory committee” starting to come at the expense of Montana taxpayers?
Remember, Fagg in January told MTN news he “cannot ethically campaign for the seat while serving as a judge. According to Fagg, he would need to resign from the bench in order to campaign ethically.”
So, to review:

All of that sounds like something a candidate for office would be doing. But rest easy, he’s assured all of us he’s not campaigning, he’s only formed an exploratory committee, so it’s all good.


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