New Website '' Calculates How Much Gianforte's Statewide Sales Tax Costs You

Gianforte Called Statewide Sales Tax "the best solution"

A new website launched today by the Montana Democratic Party highlights how New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte's statewide sales tax would hurt hard-working middle-class Montana families. 

Check it out here: SalesTaxGreg.comThis site includes audio from when Gianforte told then-Governor Judy Martz's Income Tax Advisory Council that imposing a statewide sales tax is "the best solution" for Montana.

"While Greg Gianforte may try to muddy up his support for a statewide sales tax, this new website holds him accountable to his own record," said Jason Pitt, a spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. "A statewide sales tax might work in New Jersey, where Gianforte is from, but here in Montana it would hurt hard-working middle-class families and would benefit multimillionaires like Gianforte."

And while Greg Gianforte continues to mislead Montanans and hide the fact that he said a statewide sales tax is the "best solution" for Montana, Montanans can access audio on of Gianforte lobbying to impose a statewide sales tax.
The website also features the 'Montana Product of Day' which will highlight a new item each day taxable under Gianforte's Sales Tax -- everything from Halloween costumes to a Thanksgiving Day turkey.
What would Gianforte's statewide sales tax mean for us in Montana? Visit

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