New Video: "No Comment" Candidate Gianforte Joins Bryce Harper, Martin Shkreli, Marshawn Lynch

Today the Montana Democratic Party released the below video showing the absurdity behind New Jersey multi millionaire Greg Gianforte's continual dodging of questions, whitewashing his past, and misleading Montanans. 

Starring: "No Comment" Candidate Greg Gianforte
Co-Starring: Bryce Harper, Martin Shkreli, Marshawn Lynch


"While this video is an amusing way to draw attention to the issue, Greg Gianforte dodging important questions from Montanans that impact our state's economy is no laughing matter," said Jason Pitt, a spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. "It's high time Gianforte stop misleading Montanans about his out-of-the-mainstream ideas, and start answering questions."

As Gianforte continues to mislead Montanans about his support for job-killing discrimination laws like we've seen in North Carolina, just look to his past to understand his real position on them:

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