NEW VIDEO: Greg Gianforte Hoppin’ Onboard the Trump Train? That’s New


HELENA – Ahead of Donald Trump Jr.’s controversial visit where he’ll attend closed-door fundraising events for New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte, the Montana Democratic Party released a new video highlighting Gianforte’s evolving support for President Trump.

WATCH: “Flip Flop Forte”


As Montana Public Radio pointed out last week“Back during his run for Governor, Gianforte ignored Trump,” yet, “Gianforte has emerged as a neo-Trumpian since he launched his current campaign.”


“It’s funny to watch New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte jumping onboard the Trump train when he went so far to distance himself from Trump during his failed run for governor last fall,” said Nancy Keenan, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Montanans deserve a Congressman who will always stand up for them – not someone who only decides to blindly follow his party's leaders in Washington when it’s politically advantageous.”

See the change yourself, in Gianforte’s own words:


FALL 2016

“I don't do the comb over.” [Billings Gazette, 9/27/2016]

“I hold my nose and I vote for Donald Trump." [Tele-town hall, 10/23/16] 

“I'm certainly not Donald Trump, I don’t do the comb over.” [KMMS, 8/11/16]

“I have said previously that I would vote for Donald Trump. I reluctantly continue to believe that’s the right course.” [MTN News debate, 10/8/16]

“Well we’re certainly two different people.” [KMMS, 8/11/16]




KRTV: Gianforte says he will be a big booster for President Trump. [KRTV, 3/7/2017] 

“I’m gonna work with Donald Trump.” [KXLH, 3/17/2017]

“This race is ground zero in the liberals’ attempt to stop the Trump Train.” [KRTV, 3/7/2017]

Politico: STICKING TOGETHER — Republican MT-AL nominee Greg Gianforte is encouraging comparison with President Donald Trump. [Politico, 3/17/2017]


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