NEW VIDEO: Gianforte Caught at a Washington DC PAC Money Fundraiser

In response to New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte making headlines after he was caught attending a PAC-money fundraiser in Washington DC, the Montana Democratic Party released a new video highlighting Gianforte's PAC-money hypocrisy.



"Greg Gianforte isn't tearing up special interest checks, he's bringing them in,"
 said Jason Pitt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. "This new video shows clear as day that dark money kingpin Gianforte's PAC pledge was nothing more than a political stunt designed to mislead Montanans."

This video comes as days after Montanans celebrated Sunshine Week and the bipartisan Disclose Act: the new Montana law championed by Governor Steve Bullock to bring more transparency to elections. Gianforte donated over a half a million dollars to several dark money groups in Montana that fought to kill the bipartisan Disclose Act.

While Gianforte was raising PAC money in Washington DC, Governor Bullock celebrated St. Patrick's Day with Montanans in Butte and Anaconda.

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