New Series: Gianforte Brings Clouds on Sunshine Week

Greg Gianforte Should be Honest With Montanans

 This week Montanans celebrate Sunshine Week and the bipartisan Disclose Act: the new Montana law championed by Governor Steve Bullock to bring more transparency to elections. Each day this week the Montana Democratic Party will send questions that New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte continues to dodge.

The Billings Gazette editorial board calls the Disclose Act "the single greatest step for transparency in our government since Citizens United prompted the nullification of Montana’s century-old, anti-corruption law."

As Gianforte continues to deflect questions about the Disclose Act, his support for groups that tried to kill this important legislation tell us all we need to know.

Helena Independent Record: "Gianforte declined to say whether he supported the Disclose Act, noting he was not in a position in which he had to make a decision."

Daily Inter Lake: "He declined to say whether he personally supported the dark money bill."

The fact is that Gianforte funded several dark money groups in Montana that opposed the bipartisan Disclose Act.

Greg Gianforte's record on the Disclose Act: 

  • Great Falls Tribune: "During a hearing on the bill, the Montana Family Foundation backed by tech billionaire Greg Gianforte of Bozeman, threatened a lawsuit." 
  • Gianforte donated $1,000 to the Koch brothers' dark money group, Americans for Prosperity that  lobbied against the Disclose Act. 

Montanans expect a candidate for governor to stand by his positions and be honest about where he stands.

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