New Series Continues: Gianforte Brings Clouds on Sunshine Week

Part 2: Gianforte's Hate Group Donations

Gianforte Should be Honest With Montanans

This week  and the bipartisan Disclose Act: the new Montana law championed by Governor Steve Bullock to bring more transparency to elections. Each day this week the Montana Democratic Party will send questions that New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte continues to dodge.

Just last month it was reported that Greg Gianforte donated thousands of dollars to a known hate group. But as reporters ask for clarification on why he financially supports a group that spreads hateful rhetoric and divisiveness, Gianforte continues to hide.

While in Libby, The Western News asked about Gianforte's donations:

The Western News: "The candidate side-stepped a question about his family foundation’s donation to anti-gay hate groups, characterizing the question as a “rabbit trail.'"

Reporters are correct to ask questions about Gianforte's donations to the known hate group, Family Research Council. This is a group that:

  • Believes "homosexual behavior" should be outlawed in the United States
  • Supported Uganda's right to administer the death penalty for "homosexual behavior"
  • Wants to "export homosexuals from the United States"
  • Said pedophilia is a "homosexual problem"
  • Opposes choice even in the case of rape or incest

Gianforte continuing to duck reporters and mislead Montanans about his out-of-the-mainstream agenda is dangerous. Montanans expect a candidate for governor to stand by his positions and be honest about where he stands.

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