New Report: “Continued Uncertainty” & Toxic Health Care Agenda Spiking Costs

Helena – Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale has explicitly supported a health care repeal plan that would raise premiums and kick Montanans off their health care.
He continued to show incompetence and failed leadership on the issue when he “appeared to misunderstand” an explanation from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana as to why they are planning to raise their rates this year, and instead stuck to his partisan talking points.
As Rosendale continues to do nothing to question why these rates are increasing, or detailing how he’s working to keep costs down, a new report from The New York Times details how Washington’s failed health care effort is spiking premiums for hardworking families, which only brings Rosendale’s failed leadership to the forefront.
From The New York Times:

“Health insurers are aggressively increasing prices next year for individual policies sold under the federal health care law, with some raising premiums by more than 50 percent...After the latest Senate effort to repeal the health law collapsed, insurers still have no commitment about whether the government will continue to allocate millions of dollars in critical financing.”
The changing circumstances and inaction by Congress have forced insurers to raise rates and experiment with different plans for those who are not eligible for federal assistance.”

 From Chris Meagher, Montana Democratic Party Spokesman:
“While hardworking Montanans feel the impact of the ongoing sabotage that continues to spike costs and jeopardize coverage, Matt Rosendale – who is tasked with keeping health care affordable – has fallen down on the job and done nothing to protect Montanans.”


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