Mudslinging in #MTSen GOP Primary Underway

Helena – In the latest sign of a messy GOP primary still beginning to unfold, Troy Downing jumped into the fray, not holding back on Matt Rosendale and Russ Fagg in a profile piece with Explore Big Sky.
While Fagg hasn’t officially declared for office, he has been running a questionable shadow campaign for office, holding fundraisers, printing glossy campaign literature, and outlining policy positions while still a sitting judge. Regardless, Downing called Fagg “another lawyer,” adding, “do we really want to send another lawyer to Washington.”
And Downing joined Fagg in jabbing Rosendale, saying Rosendale was too appealing to the “radical far right” to win a general election.
Fagg had already taken a jab at Rosendale’s residency a few weeks ago in a comment to the Associated Press. Rosendale was born in Maryland and spent most of his life as a real estate developer in Maryland before moving to Montana several years ago.

Upstart Ronald Murray, meanwhile, has said he’s been disappointed in Rosendaleconsistently pursuing higher office instead of focusing on his current job that he’s only held for eight months.
In the Explore Big Sky piece, Downing yet again referenced, Ryan Zinke as being a critical piece to his decision-making process, raising the question of whether Zinke has a horse in the race, and whether that horse is Downing.



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