#MTSen GOP Primary is Already Getting Chippy

Helena – In what is no doubt a sign of things to come, Matt Rosendale’s entry into the US Senate race Monday was met with a few choice words from a couple of his opponents in the GOP primary.
Russell Fagg, a sitting judge who tells us he definitely isn’t running an unethical shadow campaign for Senate while still on the bench, felt the need to weigh in despite his claim he somehow isn't a candidate.
Fagg “took a jab” at Rosendale’s residency in a comment to the Associated Press. "Fagg said his ‘four generations of Montana roots, all the way back to the late 1800s’ puts him in a better position to understand the problems faced by Montanans.'” Rosendale was born in Maryland and spent most of his life as a real estate developer in Maryland before moving to Montana several years ago.
Ronald Murray, meanwhile, said he was a “little bit disappointed” with Rosendale. “Would’ve really liked to see you stay in there and complete your job that you’re hired for,” Murray said. “Especially since you seem to run for almost everything that comes available.”
Murray ended the video by encouraging viewers to contact Rosendale and ask him to reconsider. Murray isn’t wrong – this will be Rosendale’s fifth run for office in seven years, and he’s only been in the Insurance Commissioner’s office since January.
No word from the other candidate, Troy Downing, who likely won’t make much hay on Matt from Maryland, considering Downing himself recently moved from California.



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