Montana's "No Comment" Candidate Gianforte: The Complete Discrimination Catalog

A Full List of Every Time Gianforte has Dodged a Question on his Support for Job-Killing Discrimination

What Is Gianforte Hiding From Montanans?

HELENA -- New Jersey multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte has gone to great lengths to avoid answering questions about his support for job-killing discrimination laws. 

At Hometown Helena on Thursday, he dodged the question four times. Even this weekend Gianforte still refused to say whether he would sign a job-killing discrimination bill similar to North Carolina's. Gov. Pat McCrory did not seek the legislation in NC, but he signed it. Gov. Nathan Deal did not seek the legislation in GA, and he vetoed it. What would Gianforte do?

We know the Montana Family Foundation, a group Gianforte has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to, just announced support for North Carolina's job-killing discrimination law. Does Gianforte also support it?

The Complete Discrimination Dodging Catalog:

Hometown HelenaGianforte was asked and would not answer four times whether he would sign legislation that was recently brought up in Georgia and North Carolina. LINK. 

Politico"Gianforte has been largely silent on social issues, even as the fights over them have merged with debate over the business climate in different states. Gianforte's campaign spokesman declined to comment" LINK. 

Chamber of Commerce18 second pause and "ummm" when asked about pro-discrimination laws. LINK. 

MSU EventGianforte responds to question about pro-discrimination laws: "next question" LINK

AP"[Gianforte] in an interview with The Associated Press on Monday declined to speak about how his faith might guide his decisions or policy choices as governor." LINK

AP"Greg Gianforte, who is exploring a run for the Republican nomination for Montana governor in 2016...declines to speak about at this stage." LINK.

Buzzfeed"Gianforte did not respond to requests to comment for this article on his donations to anti-LGBT groups, what he would do if elected, or his own direct activism." LINK. 

The Western News: "The candidate side-stepped a question about his family foundation’s donation to anti-gay hate groups, characterizing the question as a “rabbit trail.'" LINK

Billings GazetteIn an interview with the Lee State Bureau, Gianforte discussed some details of his family’s giving but largely disagreed that it was relevant to his campaign to become governor....campaign spokesman Aaron Flint called the question “flawed, if not outright inappropriate.” LINK

Billings Gazette editorialIt appears the front-runner and best hope for the Montana Republicans’ gubernatorial bid, Greg Gianforte, through the Gianforte Family Foundation, has given plenty of money to organizations that share his beliefs. That’s a great thing. He has literally put his money where his mouth is. Except that his mouth isn’t saying much of anything. Or better stated: Gianforte is only talking about what Gianforte wants to talk about. LINK.

Billings Gazette"The candidate did not address those criticisms in his announcement. He had not responded to questions from the Gazette about those criticisms by press time." LINK. 

Independent Record"Gianforte refused to say whether he would repeal Bullock’s executive action upon taking office or to comment on a bill that could expand such protections statewide, saying he would need to see the details first." LINK.

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