Montana's Democrats are ready to move this state, country forward


From June 11, 2016



HELENA -- When it comes to a strong economy, support of public education, American Indians, public lands, energy, social justice, veterans and more, Montana’s Democrats are leading the way.

Delegates to the party’s platform convention have come from all corners of the state to demonstrate these facts: We’re united in our beliefs that our democracy should be accessible and supported by all, that the grandeur of Montana’s vast beauty and its people needs to be honored, and that we will support elected officials who share our values.

“We’re so pleased with the level of discussion happening at our state convention,” said Jim Larson, chairman of the Montana Democratic Party. “We come from diverse backgrounds and our delegates may sometimes have differing views, but we are an inclusive party with respect for all. That’s not a viewpoint our Republican counterparts share.”

The platform convention wraps up this morning and then the delegate convention begins this afternoon to select the 21 delegates who will attend the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July.

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