Montana Teachers Stand with Bullock Against Gianforte's Anti-Public Education Agenda

Public school teachers and students across Montana are standing by Steve Bullock and his lifelong commitment to public education, warning hard-working Montana families about New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte’s dangerous anti-public schools agenda.

“Make no mistake about it. Montana’s public education system would look fundamentally different under Mr. Gianforte’s watch, and it’s why this election is so important to me, to you, and our children’s education,” Bullock said during a rally with teachers in Billings Thursday

As a candidate for Governor, Gianforte supports policies that would take money away from public education and give it to private schools.

This week Montanans learned that in addition to calling public schools a “monopoly” and leading the charge on school privatization, Greg Gianforte has written letters to the editor and has long encouraged parents to move their children out of public schools, and even claimed that it’s a “myth” that public schools needed more resources.

Gianforte is also part of organizations that have called public schools "a failed experiment" and that believe "the very existence of state schools is immoral."

"Mr. Gianforte, public education is a Montana success story," Bullock said today.
“Working with Republicans and Democrats we’ve made record investments in our public schools and we’ve seen record results,” 
Bullock added. “I’m not sure where Mr. Gianforte is coming from with his war on public education and public teachers, but it’s not a war that’s welcome in this state. We have a responsibility to keep Montana great for our kids and for future generations. And to do that, we need a governor who stands up for Montana."

The Billings Gazette noted in its recent editorial endorsing Steve Bullock that Gianforte "lacks that crucial commitment to quality education for all. He should not be in charge of the budget where public K-college education is a major expense area.”

Bullock also earned the endorsements of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, the Helena Independent-Record, and Butte's Montana Standard.

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