Montana Republicans continue to distance themselves from Trump/Zinke


HELENA -- Add former Montana Sec. of State Bob Brown to the growing list of Republicans who can’t stomach the idea of Donald Trump as this country’s Commander in Chief – while Congressman Ryan Zinke continues to stand by a dangerous and reckless Presidential choice. 

“It must be lonely for Congressman Zinke to be the last man standing for Donald Trump,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party.

In the guest column, Brown argues:

  • “Trump is an egomaniac conman who poses the greatest threat to our country of any presidential candidate in history.”
  • “His only true loyalty is to himself.”


“Sec. Brown’s thoughtful comments reflect how most Montanans feel about how disastrous of a choice Trump would be for President,” Keenan said. “Congressman Zinke’s refusal to distance himself from Trump shows just how out-of-touch he’s become.”


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