Montana Republicans Continue All-Out Attack on Montana Sportsmen and Women

Republicans Revive Bill to Gut Important Habitat Montana Program 

HELENA -- Republicans legislators continued their all out attack on Montana sportsmen and women Wednesday. As Montana hunters and anglers urge legislators to fully restore the authority of Habitat Montana, Republicans doubled-down on their attack on these sportsmen and women by reviving HB 651 to further hobble the popular Habitat Montana program.   

This action comes just days after Republican legislators attempted to force two anti-sportsmen bills onto Montanans that would gut Habitat Montana and rip hunting licenses from the hands of Montana hunters and give them to wealthy out-of-staters instead. Luckily, both bills died on the floor.

"Time and time again Montana Republicans put their own special interests ahead of our sportsmen and women," said Nancy Keenan, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. "Montanans won't sit on the sidelines as these attacks on our outdoor users continue. We will always fight for our public lands and protect our outdoor way of life."

After Republicans froze Habitat Montana in 2015, Governor Steve Bullock asked the Montana Legislature to fully fund the important program because of its role expanding access to our public lands.

Learn more about the popular and successful Habitat Montana program here: LINK.


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