Montana Republican Party remains divided, Democrats are poised to win in November

HELENA -- Following a secret and divisive Republican Party state convention, Montana Democrats are standing in stark contrast as they talk about issues of importance to Montanans and position themselves to win up and down the ballot this November. 


After shutting out the public from participation and demanding members of their own party sign secret pledges, the Montana Republican Party refuses to publicize their Party platform or outline plans for winning in November. Their convention draws a clear contrast with Montana Democrats whose open and public convention process focused on jobs and the economy, keeping public land in public hands, and representing all Montanans.


“The Republican Party continues to show it isn't capable of working on behalf of all Montanans,” said Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Nancy Keenan. “When you spend time fighting over control of your party and spitting out divisive rhetoric, you leave little time to get work done. The Montana Democratic Party reflects the values that all Montanans hold dear: good jobs, quality education and working together make a better future for all Montanans.”


The division among the Montana Republican Party comes as no surprise after several ugly primary elections featured extreme conservative candidates, one of their party leaders was convicted of violating campaign coordination laws, and a 2015 legislative session highlighted Republican infighting which led to the downfall of a critical infrastructure bill.  

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