Montana Dems urge AG Tim Fox to appeal Lovell ruling

HELENA -- Today statewide Montana Democratic leaders sent a letter to Montana Attorney General Tim Fox urging him to ask for a stay and appeal of Judge Lovell's ruling Tuesday on campaign finances.
Elected leaders and candidates from Governor Steve Bullock to House and Senate minority leaders have all signed onto this letter (attached as a PDF and the text included below) urging Attorney General Fox to take action and defend Montanans' voices and guidance.
May 18, 2016

Attorney General Tim Fox
215 N. Sanders, Third floor
Helena, MT 59620

 Attorney General Fox,

 Notwithstanding Judge Lovell’s determination that § 13-37-216(1)(3) and (5) are in violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, we remain steadfast in its belief that contribution limits are essential to prevent corruption in the political process.  As primary entities affected by his ruling, we respectfully request that you seek a stay of the Court’s ruling pending appeal to the Ninth Circuit.  If the stay is denied, we request that you immediately file an appeal to the Ninth Circuit and ask the Circuit’s motions panel for a stay pending appeal.

 We the undersigned leadership of the Democratic Party in Montana and all Democratic candidates will abide by the campaign limits set forth by the 1994 Citizens Initiative pending your response to our request for filing a stay and appeal.  Surely, one of the most important duties of the Attorney General – regardless of political party – is to defend the voice and guidance of Montana citizens’ regarding elections, candidates and the influence of money.


 Governor Steve Bullock

Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau

Secretary of State Linda McCulloch

State Auditor Monica Lindeen, candidate for Secretary of State

Jesse Laslovich, candidate for State Auditor

Melissa Romano, candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction

Larry Jent, candidate for Attorney General

Margie MacDonald, House Minority Whip
Jenny Eck, House Minority Whip
Bryce Bennett, House Minority Whip
Carolyn Pease-Lopez, House Minority Caucus Chair
Tom Facey, Senate Minority Whip
Robyn Driscoll, Senate Minority Whip,
Jon Sesso, Senate Minority Leader
Chuck Hunter, House Minority Leader

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