Montana Dems to Gianforte: No Apology for Highlighting Your Outsourcing

The Montana Democratic Party has a tough new message for Greg Gianforte after learning new information about the New Jersey multimillionaire's history of outsourcing jobs as founder of RightNow Technologies: No apology.

"The plain fact is RightNow Technologies made millions off of helping corporations outsource American jobs to foreign countries, and we make no apology for this statement," Executive Director Nancy Keenan wrote Gianforte.

Keenan's letter demands Gianforte take down a misleading TV ad denying his record of outsourcing, citing three different examples:

  • In a recorded conference call on April 25, 2005, Gianforte told investors that “the bigger drivers in our business have been the movement toward outsourcing.” [Transcript, RightNow Technologies Earnings Conference Call, 4/25/2005]
  • A May 12, 2009, article in Forbes magazine states that RightNow Technologies takes “the concept of outsourcing to new levels.” [Forbes, 5/12/09]
  • And just last month Susan Carstensen, RightNow Technologies' former Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, wrote that “while it is true [RightNow] had approximately 500 employees in Montana we had another 700 employees in other states and countries as well as outsourced jobs in Armenia and India.” [Susan Carstensen op-ed, 8/30/16]
"The Montana Democratic Party took responsibility for its actions in 2012, and now we expect the same from you," Keenan writes.  "We ask that you take down your misleading ad in the interest of accountability, and apologize to the people of Montana for using our 2012 apology to purposefully conflate this very important issue." 

Keenan said Montanans "expect honesty and accountability" from all candidates and organizations involved in Montana's elections.

"You are certainly no exception," Keenan told Gianforte.

Read Keenan's full letter here

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