Montana Democrats Write to People of New Jersey: Have You Seen Greg Gianforte?

HELENA – The Montana Democratic Party today sent the following letter to the people of New Jersey, asking if they have seen New Jersey multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte. A PDF of the letter can be found HERE.


New Jersey State House

125 West State Street

Trenton, NJ 08608

People of New Jersey:


We are writing on behalf of the voters of Montana to inquire into the whereabouts of New Jersey multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte. While Mr. Gianforte claims to want to represent our state, he seems to have gone missing from the campaign trail.

Recently, Mr. Gianforte was spotted in Washington, D.C., dining with the backers of the disastrous health care bill that would have raised Montanans' premiums by an average of $306 every month. Since Montanans now know the devastating impact of that bill on our wallets, we speculate that Mr. Gianforte decided to hop on the express train to New Jersey over facing Treasure State voters.

Alternatively, with Montana’s sportsmen continually concerned about Mr. Gianforte’s shaky public lands policy — including suing the people of Montana to close off public river access near his property — perhaps he fled to his home state where he wouldn’t have to worry about stream access or public land transfer. Has Mr. Gianforte filed any lawsuits pertaining to river access in your state?

Or maybe Mr. Gianforte realized that after spending $6 million of his personal fortune on a failed gubernatorial campaign, Montana voters can’t be bought. Did Mr. Gianforte recently make any large purchases in your state, where he may get a better return on investment than trying to buy another election?

With just under eight weeks until our special congressional election, Montanans are wondering if they will ever have a chance to question Mr. Gianforte about his New Jersey values. We appreciate your assistance as we investigate this matter.


Montana Democratic Party

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