Montana Democrats' Statement on the Senate Health Care Bill

Helena – Today, Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Nancy Keenan released the following statement on the Senate health care bill:
"After weeks of political backroom wheeling and dealing in Washington, we finally know why Republicans wanted to keep their cruel health care plan a secret: it would sell out thousands of working Montanans, kicking them off their health care so that millionaires and billionaires get a tax break.

"This bill would threaten protections for Montanans with preexisting conditions, slash money for rural hospitals, and force women to pay more for services like maternity care. It's a complete disaster, and it's time for Steve Daines to find his voice and say so. If Washington is trying to sell a 'health care' plan that takes away coverage from thousands of folks and forces everyone to pay more for less, Montanans aren't buying."


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