Montana Democrats Call on Gianforte to Repay Taxpayers the Cost of His Lawsuit

Gianforte's Suit Against the State to Eliminate a Public Stream Access Easement Cost Montana Thousands of Dollars

The Montana Democratic Party is calling on New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte to repay Montana taxpayers $2,584.80, the cost of his lawsuit against the state of Montana.

"Montana taxpayers shouldn't be left holding the tab to defend their own public stream access easement that Greg Gianforte wanted to eliminate," said Jason Pitt, a spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. "Instead of funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars of his fortune into his own campaign to buy the governor's office, Gianforte should instead repay Montana taxpayers for his attempt to eliminate a public right of way."

According to a public records request, FWP Chief Legal Counsel Rebecca Jakes Dockter estimated a minimum of 80 hours spent on the matter at a rate $32.31 per hour, which amounts to $2,584.80.

Here is Gianforte listed as a principal of the East Gallatin LLC.

Here is the lawsuit: East Gallatin LLC v Montana FWP.

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