Judge Who Is NOT a Candidate for Senate Has Several Endorsements for His Senate Run

Helena – Sitting Judge Russell Fagg continues to deceive voters with his shadow campaign for Senate, and he’s not even trying to hide it anymore.
In an article out today questioning the legitimacy of his “exploratory committee,” Fagg says out of one side of his mouth that he’s been “very clear” about how he is not a candidate for U.S. Senate. Out of the other side, he’s touting prominent endorsements and asking for money.
How can someone who says he is NOT a candidate for Senate brag about the people endorsing him for that same position? It makes zero sense.

Longtime political reporter Mike Dennison isn’t buying Fagg’s “exploratory committee”: “Fagg, however, certainly sounds like he’s made up his mind to run.”

Indeed, earlier this year Fagg himself said he “cannot ethically campaign for the seat while serving as a judge. According to Fagg, he would need to resign from the bench in order to campaign ethically.”
So if there are so many ethical questions – and to be clear, there are – why doesn’t Fagg just wait until after he retires on Oct. 13?
A rundown of Fagg’s campaign activities while not a candidate for Senate:



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