Judge Fagg’s Exploratory Committee – Legal? Maybe. Ethical? Nope.

Helena – Russell Fagg, a sitting judge, admitted to Lee Newspapers yesterday that he is pushing the ethical boundary by setting up a Senate exploratory committee while still a judge.
He said that the law needs to be read “very carefully” when trying to distinguish his actions from what is allowed under the law.
When it takes a close interpretation of the law to justify your actions, well, it may or may not be legal, but it definitely doesn’t seem ethical. Fagg himself told MTN in January that he couldn’t “ethically campaign for a seat while serving as a judge” and that he would need to resign to campaign ethically.
“It may or may not be legal, but that doesn't make it right,” said Chris Meagher, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. “Just because the judge – who of course should be adhering to the highest of ethical standards – believes he’s found a loophole doesn’t mean he should exploit it for his personal political gain.”
If anyone truly believes that soliciting money, taking policy positions, attending partisan political conventions, and pushing out press releases about how you’re looking into running for Senate is NOT campaigning…well, we’ll let Jonah Ryan in this week's episode of Veep explain that one to you:


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