Judge Fagg is Not Even Trying to Hide His Deception from Montana Voters

Helena – In a very weird email sent this morning that literally made us LOL, sitting Judge Russell Fagg – who today wrote a very defensive column insisting he was still "exploring" a run for Senate – hinted at an announcement that’s coming:


If he was really still exploring and the possibility existed that he was not running, why would he need help setting up meetings with voters? Does he think voters are interested in hearing more about his private law firm?
No. Because his “exploratory committee” has been fake for a long time. He’s made up his mind to run, something that’s been obvious for weeks, if not months, but the timing wasn’t politically convenient for him.
And yet - as Billings Gazette Editor Darrell Ehrlick noted in a column - Fagg continues to raise secret money, gather endorsements, and hire staff for his Senate run, all while he is supposed to be showing impartiality on the bench as a judge.
This isn’t just about his shadow campaign, it’s about the ethics behind a sitting judge deciding cases while he has a clear political bent, clear policy positions, and he is secretly raising money from who knows what donors.

See the email:



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