Is This Why Maryland Matt Is Hiding?

Helena – Today, Roll Call published a story with the headline “GOP Waiting on Rosendale in Montana Senate Race” which sounds nice, until you actually read the quotes about Rosendale by GOP operatives.

“There’s disagreement about whether Rosendale fits the bill. He moved to the state in the early 2000s, and has been ribbed for having a Maryland accent. A Rosendale matchup against Tester would be a ‘cakewalk’ for the two-term Democrat, said one Montana Republican unaffiliated with any of the GOP candidates.”


“If you’re the most well-known in a pack of people that no one knows, does that really make you the guy to watch?”


‘Zinke and Fox were the ‘end of our big guns,’ one Montana Republican said. That’s given way to a crowded field of little-known candidates, with a handful of lesser-known names eyeing the race, too. ‘They are on tier three,’ one Democrat familiar with the state cracked.”

Guess, that’s why newly elected Insurance Commissioner Rosendale has essentially been hiding from taxpayers for nearly three weeks.
In that time, he hasn’t made any public appearances that we know of. Until yesterday he hadn’t posted to his official Twitter since June 21 or his campaign social media since June 20 (save for a Fourth of July post). And he hasn’t sent a press release since June 21.
Peculiar timing, given the entire country – and especially Montana – has been talking about a health care bill that would be devastating to Montana families. And this comes only weeks before Insurance Commissioner Rosendale must review and approve health insurance costs in Montana. It certainly seems like now would be a time for the Insurance Commissioner to step up, speak out, and be a leader.
Instead, crickets from Rosendale while GOP operatives land one zinger after the other.


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