If Judge Fagg Is Planning to Run for Congress, He Should Just Say So

Helena – Yellowstone County District Judge Russell Fagg, a former state legislator who announced last week he was planning to retire in October, curiously attended the state Republican Party convention this past weekend.

According to Tom Lutey in the Billings Gazette, Fagg is a potential candidate for Senate in 2018, though he has said he would only consider a run for public office after retiring. “Nonetheless, the former state Republican legislator took the opportunity to introduce himself to convention attendees last Friday,” Lutey wrote.
Interesting, considering back in January, when Fagg was considering a run for a different office, KPAX reported he said he “cannot ethically campaign for the seat while serving as a judge.” They went on to report he said he would need to resign to campaign ethically.
We’re not sure what, exactly, attending a partisan party convention to “introduce himself to convention attendees” is, if not some form of campaigning. Not to mention he’s been working to making sure people know he’s interested in running for office.
Judge Fagg should be clear with Montana voters about his intentions to run for elected office, rather than hide behind some arbitrary ethical guidelines.


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