If Fox is So Concerned About Drug Abuse in Montana, Why Won’t He Speak Up?

Helena – While Tim Fox flies back and forth to Washington to be courted to run for higher office by Washington insiders, he continues to stand silent while those same politicians make dangerous decisions that negatively impact Montana’s drug abuse problem, an issue that has grown during his time as attorney general.
Though Fox – after more than four years into his term as Attorney General – finally announced he was starting to develop a new plan to combat drug abuse that won’t be completed for another couple years, he hasn’t said a word about the Administration’s plan to cut 95 percent of the funding to the Office of National Drug Control Policy. This Office is the lead federal coordinator in fighting the opioid and meth problem that is hurting so many young people.
Last week, the House passed a terrible healthcare bill – the initial version of which would have cut federal funding for drug treatment by an estimated $5.5 billion.
Thus far, Fox has declined to stand up on behalf of Montanans to either of these dangerous proposals.
“Instead of showing accountability to the people of Montana, Fox is openly campaigning for a higher office he hasn’t even declared for,” said Chris Meagher, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. “He claims to be doing something about methamphetamine and opioid addiction in Montana, but when it comes to taking commonsense steps like standing against terrible decisions like cutting the Office of National Drug Control Policy, Fox is silent.”
Earlier today, U.S. Sen. Jon Tester continued to show his leadership on behalf of Montanans, sending a letter to the White House to call on the Administration to reverse course on the proposal to cut the Office of National Drug Control Policy.


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