ICYMI: Zinke all in on Team Trump

 Contact: Kristen Cates,

 HELENA -- When it comes to Donald Trump being the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, it appears Congressman Ryan Zinke is saying one thing to Montana media about his support, while changing his tune for national press.

He couldn’t be bothered to answer Montana reporters’ questions about Trump, instead making his spokesperson dodge questions about Zinke’s lukewarm support.

"Rep. Zinke ... will be looking carefully at who the presumptive nominee surrounds himself with as advisers," said Heather Swift, his communications director.

Asked to name an issue where Zinke disagrees with Trump, Swift cited the businessman's vow to deport immigrants.

Yet on Fox News he’s now part of team Trump.

 Ryan Zinke on Fox News

“The American people have spoke. The Republican party has spoke,” Zinke said on Fox News. “It is Donald Trump. And so it’s now to rally the troops around Donald Trump.”

So does this mean he doesn’t care what his own state thinks of Trump?

“Is Ryan Zinke really supporting a candidate with hate-filled, fear-mongering, women-bashing, bullying values for President?” said Kristen Cates, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “Donald Trump has nothing in common with Montanans and doesn’t share our values. Any candidate who endorses him for President doesn’t have our state’s best interests at heart.”

Contact: Kristen Cates, Montana Democratic Party
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