ICYMI: Steve Daines can’t gavel away negative press

Republican Senator’s actions this week show he’s not listening to Montanans

Reporters, editors, news directors --

It seems as if Sen. Steve Daines has forgotten this week that he represents the people of Montana, who are livid about his recent decisions to stop listening to his constituents and try to shut down folks’ First Amendment rights.

  1. Tuesday when he cast the last vote to confirm Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education, despite several calls, letters and visits to his offices in Montana urging him not to elevate the out-of-touch billionaire to the highest education post in the country.

  2. Tuesday night he tried to silence Sen. Elizabeth Warren as she read a letter from Coretta Scott King on the floor of the Senate. And then he bragged about it on social media.

  3. Wednesday students in Bozeman walked out of their high school to protest his vote on DeVos.

  4. Wednesday, staff in his Missoula office tried to limit freedom of the press when they tried to kick a Missoulian photographer out of the office.

  5. Today, a Billings Gazette editorial slams Daines for failing to understand the First Amendment and being out-of-touch with Montanans. “If you can gavel down a senator whose speech you don't like, what's to stop you from muzzling others, Sen. Daines? Who's next to be told to take their seat? So I say, in full celebration of my First Amendment right to do so: Gavel this: You can force a senator to shut up, but not me.” -- Darrell Ehrlick, Billings Gazette


"Steve Daines has had a terrible week and Montanans are paying attention. He silenced a female Senator for speaking out, he had Montana students protesting his vote, and he has been limiting access to his office,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Steve Daines is clearly not listening to the people of Montana."

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