ICYMI: One of Montana's most prominent Republicans won't stand with Trump


HELENA -- When Marc Racicot, former Montana Governor and Chairman of the Republican National Committee, won’t endorse the presumptive presidential nominee for his party, you know it's bad.


Racicot published an editorial in the Washington Post today saying he won’t support the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump because of his unprincipled leadership qualities.


“I cannot endorse or support their decision to express their frustration, anger and disappointment by selecting Trump as the Republican nominee for president.” – Marc Racicot

Unlike Racicot, Montana’s current Republican leaders like Congressman Ryan Zinke, Sen. Steve Daines and Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Gianforte are all flocking to Donald Trump.


“The fact that Montana’s current Republican leaders have not only endorsed Donald Trump, but in the case of Congressman Zinke have paraded around as a potential Vice Presidential pick, speaks to their lack of values and other prominent Republicans know it,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “I don’t know how many times it can be said that Donald Trump is a dangerous presidential candidate whose hate-filled, divisive values don’t match up with Montanans’ core beliefs.”

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