ICYMI: No 'A' grades for Elsie Arntzen yet

HELENA -- Superintendent Elsie Arntzen’s first month in office has certainly not earned her the A+ she promised during her campaign, let alone a passing grade.

The Republican superintendent has yet to locate a dictionary in her office to understand the meaning of the word “investigation.”

  • The Billings Gazette pointed out on Monday that Arntzen was playing fast and loose with words in an attempt to accuse her predecessor of misdeeds. First Arntzen claimed Montana was under federal investigation, then under external investigation, and now we know that the state is just due for a standard human resources review.

  • The made-up controversy was only highlighted after Arntzen was heavily criticized for saying she will discontinue the successful Graduation Matters Montana program established by her predecessor.

Arntzen hasn’t even done a basic Google search to understand what it means to be Superintendent of Public Instruction.

“If Elsie Arntzen wants to have any success as Superintendent, she needs to do her homework,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party and former State Superintendent. “Montana’s kids and communities deserve a Superintendent who actually understands the structure of the Office of Public Instruction and her role as an advocate for public education in this state.”


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