ICYMI: Congressman Zinke ‘frankly’ doesn’t support Montana

With more folks calling on Republican leaders to denounce Donald Trump, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle is spot-on with its endorsement of State Superintendent Denise Juneau for the U.S. House of Representatives and spot-on with their criticisms of Congressman Ryan Zinke. 

The Chronicle, in particular, voiced frustration with Congressman Zinke on the issue with which most Montanans are frustrated: Congressman Zinke is blindly supporting Trump and isn’t representing us.

“We are also concerned by his continued endorsement of Donald Trump, despite Trump’s jabs at our military and his recorded boasting about sexually assaulting women … his full-throated endorsement of a man who says John McCain is not a hero, who criticizes a Gold Star family and who questions the effects of post-traumatic stress in our soldiers makes little sense for a man with Zinke’s considerable military background.

And Zinke has welcome suggestions that he be considered for the office of speaker of the House and the vice presidential nominee. Frankly, we don’t see how that ambition better serves Montanans.” 

This combined with Congressman Zinke’s appalling record on womenveterans and working Montana families further highlights the need for better leadership representing Montana in Congress.

“The criticisms of Congressman Zinke are right on target,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “His only interests are furthering his own career and ambitions. We want someone in Washington D.C. who actually works for us. It’s simple, we need to elect Denise Juneau.”


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