House Republicans repeat history with jobs bill defeat


HELENA -- Republicans in the Montana House decided to repeat history on Friday by voting down a bill that would have created countless Montana jobs.


“Reckless Republicans are playing the same games as last session,” Keenan said. “And the only people who lost were the people of Montana.”


HB 645 didn't pass when it fell just two votes shy of a two-thirds majority, 65-35, on Friday with all 41 Democrats voting in favor. The bill provided funding for capital and infrastructure projects statewide, including upgrades to our flagship campuses in the state.


The fate of infrastructure projects now rests on SB 367, which passed the Senate Thursday night and is now headed to the House.


“It is beyond time to create these good-paying jobs for the future of our state,” Keenan said. “Democrats remain committed to building Montana and strengthening our economy. We encourage Republican legislators to do the same."


In 2015, a bipartisan infrastructure package passed the Senate 47-3. Buton the last day of the Legislature, a few irresponsible Republicans in the House put politics ahead of hardworking Montanans and killed infrastructure by a single vote.


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