Here’s a List of Some Members of Congress Who Were NOT Convicted of Assault But Still Resigned

Helena – It doesn’t sound like convicted criminal Greg Gianforte will step down after pleading guilty to assaulting another man while a candidate for Congress. According to witnesses, Gianforte picked up another man by the neck using both hands, and slammed him to the ground before punching and yelling at him. He broke the man’s glasses and injured his elbow. The day before Election Day.
Many members of Congress have resigned from Congress for many reasons. Some have been charged with crimes, many have not. Most have not picked up another human being and thrown them to the ground.
The House’s Code of Conduct requires that members “behave at all times in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House.” Just because his behavior took place the day before he was elected to Congress doesn’t mean Gianforte shouldn’t do the right thing, join this group, and resign.
An incomplete list of Democrats and Republicans who have stepped down from Congress:
Thaddeus McCotter – McCotter wasn’t charged with a crime before (or after) resigning.
Larry Craig – Resigned after pleading guilty to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct.
Aaron Schock – Resigned prior to being charged with a crime.
Anthony Weiner – Resigned prior to being charged with a crime.
Jesse Jackson Jr. – Resigned 15 days after his re-election.
Chaka Fattah – Resigned after his conviction.
Chris Lee – Committed no crime. Resigned after sending a shirtless photo to a woman.
Mark Souder – Committed no crime. Resigned after sleeping with his staffer.
Ed Whitfield – Resigned amid an ethics scandal, but was never charged with a crime.
Trey Radel – Resigned after buying cocaine from an undercover officer.
Tom DeLay – Resigned prior to being convicted of a crime.
Bob Livingston – Resigned just before taking the Speaker’s gavel after having an affair. He committed no crime.
Jim Wright – Resigned during an ethics investigation. Never charged with a crime.
Tony Coelho – The no. 3 Democrat in the House resigned prior to an investigation into his finances.
Sen. John Ensign – Resigned in the midst of an ethics investigation. Not charged with a crime.


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