Greg Gianforte: Profits Off Outsourcing, Wrong for Montana Workers

HELENA – As Rob Quist outlined his plan to grow Montana’s economy in Butte today, Montanans are wondering when New Jersey multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte will come clean about his record of outsourcing jobs and hurting American workers, which voters rejected last November. Here’s a reminder:

  1.      Gianforte profited off of helping companies eliminate American jobs and ship them overseas. As the former CFO of Gianforte’s software company put it: “Greg is a single-issue candidate, saying `I’m going to create jobs,’ but his experience is in eliminating jobs.” 
  2.      Gianforte cut costs for his own company by outsourcing jobs to Armenia and India. He even admitted that the “movement toward outsourcing” has been one of “the bigger drivers” in his business, and touted that his company has “deep relationships with many of the top outsourcers.”
  3.      When the Billings Gazette asked Gianforte about his business practices being tied directly to outsourcing, Gianforte went “silent” and “wouldn’t comment” any further. 
  4.      After a report found that Gianforte may have outsourced jobs to reduce labor costs, the Billings Gazette editorial board called him out on wages, saying “he may not have wanted his own employees to experience wage growth.”

And the list goes on. 

“Multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte built a career out of helping companies outsource jobs. With a record like that, how can Montana workers expect him to stand up for them in the U.S. Congress?” said Nancy Keenan, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Montana voters rejected Gianforte’s profiteering once before, and we won’t let him talk his way around his disastrous record this time either.”


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