Greg Gianforte: Out of Step with Montanans

Updated: October, 26, 2016

Montana doesn’t need a multi-millionaire from New Jersey trying to change our way of life.  

Fact:  Gianforte lobbied for a sales tax in Montana – he even called it the “ideal solution.”

Fact: Gianforte made his fortune helping companies outsource American jobs overseas.  

Fact: Gianforte got caught blocking public access for fishing next to his mansion.   

Gianforte’s values are not Montana’s – and Montana is not for sale. 


Updated: October 13, 2016

A multi-millionaire from New Jersey, Greg Gianforte is spending millions trying to impose his values on Montanans.  

Gianforte lobbied for a statewide sales tax – calling it the “best solution” for Montana. Gianforte’s sales tax would make Montanans pay more for everything from clothing to groceries – While proposing a plan to give a massive new tax break to Gianforte. The record is clear LINK. LINK. Gianforte said a statewide sales tax would be the “ideal” solution. If Gianforte had his way, working people would pay more, and he would pay less.  Greg Gianforte is out of touch, and out for himself. 


Updated: September 10, 2016

In his campaign, Greg Gianforte has repeatedly been caught lying about himself and Governor Bullock. The Great Falls Tribune says Gianforte likes to “talk without having the facts to back him up.”  The Missoulian criticized Gianforte for his “factually challenged fear-mongering.”


Now Gianforte is trying to deceive Montanans about his own business.


But his dishonest ads can’t change these facts:


1.     According to Forbes Magazine, RightNow was built to “take the concept of outsourcing to new levels.”


2.     Gianforte admitted that outsourcing jobs was a major “driver” of his business.   


3.     Even the former Chief Financial Officer of Gianforte’s company says: “The purpose of our business was to cut costs for companies by eliminating and outsourcing jobs overseas.”


After Gianforte’s company won contracts from the United States government, he helped American companies outsource jobs, lay off workers, and send American jobs overseas.  

Updated: August 19, 2016

Greg Gianforte has spent millions of dollars bragging about his business.

But how much do we really know about RightNow Technologies? 

According to Forbes Magazine, RightNow Technologies was built to “take the concept of outsourcing to new levels.” Even after Gianforte’s company won contracts from the United States government, he profited off of American companies outsourcing jobs, laying off workers, and sending American jobs overseas.  

Gianforte even admitted that outsourcing jobs was a major “driver” of his business.   

 Now Gianforte promises to bring jobs to Montana. But when he had the chance to hire Montanans, records show he used special visas to hire workers from overseas instead.

Montanans can’t trust Greg Gianforte.  


  • Forbes: RightNow Technologies “Take the Concept of Outsourcing to New Levels.” In 2009, from Forbes: “In recent weeks, the JargonSpy has run across two companies, RightNow Technologies and HCL Technologies that take the concept of outsourcing to new levels. Instead of just providing a low-cost team or streamlining a well-defined process, RightNow and HCL take responsibility for a much larger chunk of a company’s operations with the goal of achieving a major transformation or a specific return on investment.” [Forbes, 5/12/09]
  •  “Government Market Has been Part of RightNow’s Strategy for Years.” According to Washington Technology, “The government market has been part of RightNow’s strategy for years and since winning the National Security Agency as its first federal customer, that segment has grown to include 170 federal organizations and 31 state government agencies.” [Washington Technology, 7/30/10]
  • 2001: RightNow Technologies Started Providing Services to Travelocity. RightNow Technology touted providing services to Travelocity in 2001 and helping them cut costs. From RightNow’s press release: “RightNow supports Travelocity’s differentiated customer experience by delivering accurate, up-to-date knowledge wherever it’s needed. Whether directly via the web or indirectly through a Travelocity employee or an outsourced contact center agent using the company’s intranet to look up a piece of information, customers receive consistent information across the board.” [RightNow case study: Travelocity; RightNow Press Release, 4/30/02]
    •  2004: “Travelocity Outsources Call Centers.” In 2004, from Travel Weekly: “Travelocity, citing high staff attrition and competitive pressures, told the Securities and Exchange Commission that it ‘regrettably’ had contracted to outsource a portion of its customer-services operation to call centers in India.” [Travel Weekly, 2/19/04]
    • “1,500 Residents of Clintwood Learn the Meaning of Outsourcing the Hard Way.” In 2004, from LA Times: “This remote Appalachian Town doesn’t get many visitors, but every day it sends thousands of travelers on their way. If you buy an airline ticket off the Travelocity website and need to call with a change or a question, the phone rings here. The Travelocity call center brought 250 jobs to a community wounded by the decline of coal mining, its mainstay for a century. It plugged the town’s 1,500 residents into the global high-tech economy, offering the prospect of a secure future. That illusion crumbled last month when Travelocity fired Clintwood, saying it would close the call center by year-end and move all the jobs to India.” [LA Times, 3/28/04]
    • Travelocity Announced It Was “Closing A Call Center With About 250 Jobs In Dickenson County In Southwest Virginia” And Sending “Most Of The Business To India.” According to the Richmond Times Dispatch, “Travelocity, which provides airfares and travel services over the Internet, recently announced it is closing a call center with about 250 jobs in Dickenson County in Southwest Virginia later this year and sending most of the business to India. It estimated it could save $10 million from the move.” [Richmond Times Dispatch, 3/23/04]
  •  Gianforte Made Millions After Selling RightNow Technologies to Oracle-A Known Outsourcing Company.According to Bloomberg Business, Oracle Corp. bought RightNow Technologies Inc. for $1.5 billion. “RightNow Chief Executive Officer and founder Greg Gianforte’s 20 percent stake it worth about $290 million in the deal. He last sold 100,000 shares, according to an Oct. 5 filing.” [Bloomberg, 10/24/11]
    • Oracle Listed as one of Top U.S. Companies to Shift Hiring Abroad.  According to the Wall Street Journal, “U.S. multinational corporations, the big brand-name companies that employ a fifth of all American workers, have been hiring abroad while cutting back at home, sharpening the debate over globalization’s effect on the U.S. economy…Oracle, which makes business hardware and software, added twice as many workers overseas over the past five years as in the U.S. At the beginning of the 2000s, it had more workers at home than abroad; at the end of 2010, 63% of its employees were overseas.” [Wall Street Journal, 4/19/11]
    • Displaced Oracle Workers Certified to Receive Trade Assistance. In 2012, the U.S. Department of Labor certified a petition by Oracle workers “who became totally or partially separated from employment on or after August 27, 2011” after the “workers’ firm has shifted to a foreign country the supply of a service that is like or directly competitive with the service supplied by the workers which contributed importantly to worker group separations at Oracle.”[TAA Decision 8195]
  •  Gianforte: “The Bigger Drivers in Our Business Have Been the Movement Toward Outsourcing.” In 2005, Gianforte said on an earnings call that the “movement toward outsourcing” has been the “biggest driver” in their business. According to Fair Disclosure Wire:

“BRAD WHITT, ANALYST, RBC CAPITAL MANAGEMENT: Greg, can you talk a little bit about any kind of trends you're seeing in voice over IP, and whether or not that's being a catalyst for your business at all as people look to upgrade some of their infrastructure in the call centers?

GREG GIANFORTE: It doesn't directly impact our business. I would say that the bigger drivers in our business have been the movement toward outsourcing and the fact that a lot of these call centers are still using client/server application that don't deploy well across multiple locations. Now, voice over IP is making it easier to deploy multi-location call centers. So, in that sense it is impacting our business, but it is indirect and positive.” [Fair Disclosure Wire, 4/25/05] 

  • RightNow Technologies Applied for Over 60 H-1B Visas. From 2001 to 2011, RightNow Technologies applied for 66 H-1 Visas for foreign workers. [, accessed 6/17/14]
    • 73% of the H-1b Visas were for Foreign Workers to Come to Bozeman. From 2001-2011, of the 66 H-1b visas that were applied for 73% of them were for foreigner workers to come to Bozeman. [, accessed 6/17/14]
    • Positions Included Customer Care Specialists and Marketing Managers. RightNow Technologies applied for H1-B visas to hire foreign application engineers, customer care specialists and sales account managers with salaries ranging from $23,500-$200,000. [, accessed 6/17/14]

Link to RightNow Technologies H1B Visas.

Updated: July 1, 2016

Montana’s outdoor heritage and outdoor economy are being threatened by wealthy landowners and private developers who want to take over our public lands and restrict public access.

The evidence is clear: Greg Gianforte filed a lawsuit against the State of Montana, seeking to eliminate a public access point to the East Gallatin River. The state even ordered him to take down the “intimidating signs and [a] gate” that blocked people’s access to the area. 

For years, Gianforte has funded dangerous organizations that pushed to privatize our public lands and eliminate our public access rights. 

Gianforte’s reckless agenda would devastate our outdoor heritage and outdoor economy.  Montanans can’t trust Greg Gianforte as governor.  


May, 26, 2016

A Washington front group funded by Greg Gianforte is running dishonest ads against Governor Bullock because they know Gianforte is fundamentally out-of-step with Montanans. 

Who is Greg Gianforte? 

New Jersey multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte has spent millions trying to impose an agenda that is far outside of the mainstream of Montana.

Gianforte criticized senior citizens for retiring and taking the Social Security benefits they’ve earned, saying it wasn’t “biblical.”

Gianforte funded a notorious hate group, and personally lobbied for discriminatory, job-killing policies similar to the controversial law that has damaged North Carolina’s economy.   

Gianforte funded organizations who worked to block transparency and allow secretive dark money to influence Montana elections. 

Gianforte has proposed new tax breaks for out-of-state corporations and millionaires like himself – raiding/draining the state’s rainy day fund and jeopardizing money for our local schools while doing nothing for small businesses.

No wonder Gianforte is hiding behind dishonest attack ads.  It’s clear Gianforte is out of step with Montana values.


Montanans face a clear choice for Governor.  

While Governor Bullock works with Republicans and Democrats to make Montana stronger for future generations, Greg Gianforte is trying to impose a dangerous agenda that is out of step with Montana values.  

Fiscal Responsibility

Bullock has responsibly managed the state’s finances, working with Republicans and Democrats to balance the budget every year  -- and maintain a rainy day fund while reducing taxes for local businesses. Under Bullock’s leadership, Montana has been named the most fiscally prudent state in the nation.   

Gianforte has proposed massive new tax breaks for out-of-state corporations and millionaires like himself – draining the state’s rainy day fund and taking money out of local schools while doing nothing for small businesses.  

Our Outdoor Heritage

Born and raised in Montana, Bullock understands what the outdoors means for our families and our economy. When out-of-state landowners tried to block public access to Montana’s rivers and streams, Bullock fought back, and won. Bullock championed tougher laws protecting public access rights – and is determined to stop any effort to sell off public lands to private developers.   

Greg Gianforte filed a lawsuit to cut off stream access from the edge of his property on the East Gallatin River. State investigators reported Gianforte had fenced off the public access point, and posted intimidating signs to try to keep people away. In addition, Gianforte has funded organizations working to privatize Montana’s public lands, and undo Montana’s Stream Access laws.


As a father with three kids in public schools, Steve Bullock has a deep, personal commitment to public education. As Governor, Bullock has worked to prepare our students for the global economy -- freezing tuition at Montana colleges and making record investments in public schools. He expanded dual enrollment opportunities for high school students to earn college credit, and created new scholarships for students who focus on science, technology, engineering or math.    

Greg Gianforte has spent millions supporting organizations trying to take money out of public schools, and give it to private schools instead. Gianforte’s reckless tax breaks for out-of-state corporations will drain millions from local classrooms.  Montanans can’t trust Gianforte to defend public schools.

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